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MCB Cash Management Optimizer

Investment Objective

To provide unit-holders competitive returns from a low risk portfolio of short duration assets while maintaining high liquidity.

Fund Profile

MCB CMOP is An Open-end Money Market Scheme which shall make investments in money market instruments with a maximum maturity of six months and weighted average maturity up to 90 days. Based on market conditions the Management Company will invest a major portion in highly liquid and low risk instruments. The remaining funds will be invested in short term deposits and assets to generate better returns. The main areas of investment would be Treasury Bills, Cash and Near-Cash Instruments, Money market placements, Certificate of Deposits (COD’s), Certificate of Musharika (COM’s), Term Deposits (TDR’s), Commercial Papers etc.

Quick Facts

Launch Date 01st October 2009
Fund Type An Open End Scheme
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment 500 /-
Fund Manager Saad Ahmed
Asset Manager Rating AM1 (AM One) by PACRA (06-Oct-2020)
Pricing Mechanism Backward
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
Auditor Deloitte Yousuf Adil & Co. Chartered Accountants
Benchmark 70% three (3) months PKRV rates plus 30% three (3) months average deposit rates of three (3) AA rated scheduled Banks as selected by MUFAP.

5 years performance

Year Fund (%) Benchmark (%)
2019 8.88 8.79
2018 5.41 5.35
2017 7.11 4.18
2016 5.77 4.42
2015 8.83 6.74